Welcome to the future
of dissolving fears/anxieties.

Fear Dissolve

Are you plagued by fear/anxiety?

Are you blocked in certain areas?

Do you suffer from restlessness or tension?

Do you have feelings or fears you can’t let go?

FreeYourBase brings you the

worlds’s first digital therapist,

who dissolves fears.


100% thorough.


One session*

*Without repetition or any further process.

The fear dissolve© app

THE toolbox for all your fears:

– Dissolves fears/anxieties and even suppressed fears/anxieties with the underlying negative cognition (believe). EVERY fear and anxiety can be dissolved.

 – Includes the world’s first digital, psychological therapist who dissolves fears/anxieties.

 – Dissolves also only cognitions and suppressed cognitions.

 – Empirically founded. All methods apply the scientifically proven methods of REBT (Rational emotive behavior therapyand psychoanalysis. 

 – No direct confrontation with any fear!

 – With the world’s largest collection of fears/anxieties to inspire to dissolve more.



May we introduce you:




Your digital, psychological therapist.


Anna guides you interactively

with voice output through the entire session!

Anna is available on iOS™ and Android™.

The methods…
fear dissolve help image


…are simple.

They can be used by anyone, even for the first time, alone and without any prior knowledge or skills.



…remains in the here and now.

It works without a journey into the past, analysis or “reappraisal” of your personal history.



…are 100% thorough.

…and permanent.



…are old and proven.

The processes used are based on decades-old methods that have proven themselves a million times over.


…without further processing.

The methods can dissolve a suppressed fear in one session. No repetitions or further processing is required. Cognitions are also dissolved in one session without the usual repetitions (affirmations).



…are also only for cognitions.

They are also capable of dissolving or “anchoring” only cognitions.



…are fast.

We even have several methods with different speeds.




The decisive advantage of the methods.


All methods of our fear dissolve app have the advantage that they do not confront the anxiety through the mind. The confrontation is superfluous, the tension/strain/fear/anxiety is directly reduced. You do not get into a confronting situation. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of the treatment anymore!

Another advantage is that you can do the dissolving on your own. At the same time, it is an excellent concentration exercise.

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…uses methods that work according to a scheme of proven cognitive therapy, known as “Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy” (REBT). REBT is a comprehensive, integrative, active-directive, philosophical, empirically-based form of psychotherapy.

Anna not only dissolves fears/anxieties but also suppressed fears/anxieties. For this, she uses the principles of psychoanalysis. 

 „Man’s greatest happiness is liberation from fear.“

Walther Rathenau, (1867 – 1922), politician, writer, industrialist and (german) Reich Foreign Minister 1922

The app

One app dissolves all your fears

Fear dissolve – infographic symbol
Fear dissolve – infographic symbol
The app

One app, dissolves all your fears.


Easy and simple

Easy to understand,

no knowledge


Simple to use.


Comfortable control

also with speech-output.


For cellphones and tablets.





in-depth background information about fears, suppressions and cognitions.



to check yourself for suppressed fears and cognitions and find the ones you are unaware of. 


We are there for you!


You will receive 2 weeks

of support when you

buy the app.

The app:

Fear dissolve©

is available for only 18.99 Euro in the Apple AppStore™ and Google Playstore™.


Buy it now and start dissolving fears. 

Fear dissolve app on apple appstore
Fear dissolve app on google appstore

Or find the app in the appstore manually:

Fear dissolve

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Fear dissolve - faq



What do I get?

You gain access to an app for Android or iOS. The app includes a digital therapist to guide you through a session and help you dissolve your cognition or fear.

Also you get 2 weeks support.

Risks and side effects

There are no side effects known. These methods are not for people suffering from psychoses, schizophrenia, neurotic disorders or similar.  

Question: My anxiety won’t go away, even though I talk about it.

Answer: Yes, fears or anxieties won’t dissolve just because you talk about them, analyse them, or because you know how they work etc. Knowledge alone will not help. You have to do something constructive if you want your anxiety to dissolve. The first necessary step is to recognise that.

Question: My anxiety makes me feel like I’m a prisoner in my own home.
Answer: You need to dissolve your anxieties, as they restrict you in many ways.

Question: I feel like I’m trapped inside; this can’t be normal?
Answer: No, these “chains” are blockages from suppressed fears/anxieties. If you dissolve the fears/anxieties, the chains disappear.

Question: I always meet the same people, or I am always in the same situations….Is this fate?
Answer: No, that’s a repetition compulsion, a psychological phenomenon in which a person (unconsciously) repeats an event or its circumstances over and over again. In short, this comes from your psyche to give you the possibility to break free / to dissolve certain suppressions you have. This repetition will continue until you dissolve your anxieties.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” C.G. Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst

Question: Can all fears or anxieties be dissolved?
Answer: ALL fears/anxieties can be dissolved, not only the irrational ones like phobias, but also those concerning a real experience from the past. It is just a matter of time until they dissolve.

Question: I have been fighting my fears for a long time, but they are getting worse.
Answer: Fears or anxieties are not there to harm us or to do anything bad. Your psyche is not evil. It’s the opposite; it wants to help you. Fighting, running away, numbing and avoiding fears and anxieties is the worst you can do. This way, they will become even bigger. Fears and anxieties are simply perception-objects, which means they dissolve if we feel and allow them. However, we tend to put them in a big sack and turn away from them. The more we do this, the more stubborn they become. They have really destructive and subversive results, so the psyche wants you to heal them.
This avoiding behavior stems from our childhood, when our fears or anxieties were too big, and we were too small. Now it has changed. We have become bigger, and we can handle them. Surprisingly, dissolving doesn’t hurt us, it is not harming us, and it is easy. But with our conditioned behavior, we don’t even address them, we just run away.
Being aware of your fears/anxieties, accepting them and allowing them is key in this game. Change from inner-avoidance to inner-acceptance, then they will dissolve. That’s why confrontation therapy is an empirically proven therapy. It is all about acknowledging the fears and not pushing them away in blind desperation to stop being afraid.

Why should I dissolve fears/anxieties?

Fears / anxieties deeply bind, constrict and influence. The control is massive, but mostly unconsciously. They cause deep restlessness and draw us from the here and now. Fears become also firmly established in the deepest muscle layers as W. Reich (Doctor of Medicine and Psychoanalyst) has already proved. Dissolving them is so liberating and unleashing and is beneficial to our health, energy and well-being.

„Fear defeats more people than anything else in the world.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American philosopher and author