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Freeyourbasae is a provider of psychological therapies and apps. The main idea was developed through 6 years of research in the field of systematic treatment of specific, suppressed parts. From the idea of the systematic approach, we developed a new possibility for the treatment of specific, psychological dysfunctions and disorders.

We use effective, proven techniques to help people who do not necessarily need to see a therapist but who still suffer from certain issues, blockages, fears, disorders or dysfunctions. Our methods can also help people to realise their true potential. We know that there is more inside of each of us; more love, joy, peace, depth, and liveliness. With this platform, we package up valuable methods and knowledge and make it accessible to everyone through self-help courses, apps and more.

“The only adventure worth living for modern man can only be found within.” C. G. Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology)

Our Courses:

Fear/anxiety Dissolve


For the dissolve of fears/anxieties and also suppressed fears/anxiet.

Learned helplessness


For the systematic dissolve of the causes of “learned helplessness”.    

Feeling of being alone


For the dissolve of the causes of the “feeling of being alone

„As long as the unconscious is not made conscious, it directs your life and you call it fate.”

C.G. Jung(1875-1961) psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology

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