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learned helplessness


The term “learned helplessness” was coined in 1967 following experiments by psychologists Martin E. P. Seligman and Steven F. Maier. It describes the helpless attitude that people and animals have developed in certain situations due to earlier negative experiences, although objectively speaking, it’s not needed.

So, it’s not about real helplessness, but about learned helplessness. As a result, the behaviours of those affected are severely restricted. They have the firm conviction that they are helpless and that these situations can no longer be avoided. They experience a loss of control by perceiving an executed action and the resulting consequence as being independent of each other. This creates an expectation and basic conviction that they cannot control and influence certain situations or factors.

This paralysis is accompanied by feelings of light-headedness and desperation when you can’t do what you want. It’s like sitting in a prison cell with the door unlocked – you can see the way out, but for some reason, you can’t leave. It feels like you are incapable of walking out, even though the door is open. You want to go outside, but you’re trapped in this helplessness.

Most of the time, people don’t understand why this is the case. For most people, it takes years to understand that it’s not a result of their own abilities, because usually we identify such phenomena as being under our control.



As a result, resignation arises and motivation decreases (motivational deficit). In addition, the sufferer becomes passive, apathetic and their emotional balance is disturbed (emotional deficit). This can lead to anxiety, stress and listlessness. 

There are also cognitive deficits, such as negative cognitive attitudes (inability to learn). It’s understandable that this passivity can easily lead to depression; we often hear that learned helplessness is one of the main causes of depression. This finding was also supported by corresponding animal experiments and observations on humans. However, not all sufferers react with depression to a situation of helplessness.




When you first hear the term, learned helplessness sounds like a contradiction. Who would volunteer to be helpless? But the real question is, why are those affected exposed to this feeling? Why are they constantly confronted with it?

Instead of seeing it as a disease, understand that the psyche has a good reason for everything. Experts agree that the causes come from early childhood experiences. Therefore, they are not remembered as a concrete event.

And here is where we step in: 


The systematic



Our course – the learned helplessness therapy.

Our self-help course for learned helplessness is the first and only course in the world to address the deeper causes of typical, troubling fears and cognitions!
The aim of our course is to provide you with an effective and permanent solution by thoroughly and systematically dissolving any psychological and cognitive causes. As a result, it is possible to dissolve phenomena like “learned helplessness”.

First step
Since our methods work ONLY if there is a cause, we will initially determine whether there are any psychological causes within you at all. If there are no causes, nothing will be addressed.

What’s the course about?
The only permanent and satisfactory solution is correctly and thoroughly resolving the true causes, rather than simply working on the symptoms, which can lead to similar problems arising in the future in other areas. Until the actual causes of your fears have been resolved, such symptoms will recur, but once the causes are thoroughly dissolved, the symptoms will also disappear.

Our systematic approach

Our course deals with various typical fears and irrational convictions, as well as related topics, such as self-responsibility. Such complex phenomena as learned helplessness can only be treated and dissolved thoroughly with our systematic approach. We have already done the hard work for you by summarising the inner-emotional dynamics and breaking down the causes for different reasons, as we appreciate that not everyone has the inclination or time to do this. Deeper-level causes are also included.

The following advantages can be found in our methods:

– Simple and applicable methods for everyone, even first-time users.
– Methods can be carried out alone from the comfort of your home.
– Work at your own pace.
– Stay in the here and now, without needing to journey into the past or analyse your personal history.
– Fast methods with different speeds.
– Efficient methods, which can also be applied in everyday life.


Conclusion: Our course will guide you and help you work through learned helplessness, providing you with a strength that will pay off.

“He who flees his past always loses the race”

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic. Nobel Prize for Literature 1948

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learned helplessness


What do I get?

You get the app for Android or iOS. In the course you find instruction how and in which ways you use the app to dissolve the causes of the

learned helplessness.

Also you get 2 weeks support.

Course flow

You relax and lie comfortably. Our coach will guide you through the various processes. This happens without going into your past/history. We only stay in the present, in the here and now.

Can I be sure this will work?

The methods work. They are based on unavoidable reactions. Whether we have exactly the elements in the course that cause the learned helplessness in you, we cannot promise. But since these are usually the same (see Character Structures/Neurosis Structures), the probability that you have other causative elements in you is very small. You will also learn to find them yourself. 

Why it’s all up to you

In the course you will get everything you need to be completely free of this topic. So it’s up to you or how much time you invest. 


These methods are not for people suffering from psychoses, schizophrenia, neurotic disorders or similar. 

Question: Can I overcome my learned helplessness?

Yes, not only overcome but you can dissolve the causes!

Question: Is the course a learned helplessness therapy?

Yes it is.

„The great challenge of life is to overcome the limits within yourself
and go as far as you would never have dreamed.”

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), French painter, co-founder of syntheticism and pioneer of expressionism

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