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Our courses

Here we offer profound self-help courses for the treatment of mental disorders and diseases. Through our 6 years of research in depth psychology and the resulting systematic approach, we are able to solve the causes of such phenomena. This has not yet been possible in this form.

We do not only treat the superficial fears, but also go into deeper levels. However, we have found that the approach and processes are so effective that the first level is usually completely sufficient to reduce the problem in such a way that those affected stop treatment as soon as the level is reached. 

But that is precisely what should not be done. Not because of the problem or the main fears, but it has many other positive effects when the course is completed.

Every suppressed fear or cognition contains a strong tension and strain, the dissolution of which gives relaxation and calm.

By changing cognition, old, unconscious perspectives, beliefs or attitudes are released, which can have strong, because constructive, effects. Irrational beliefs from childhood can sometimes also lead to unconscious, excessive „programming“ in our behavior, moral and belief systems. In the case of dissolved cognition, the partially distorted (unconscious) perception of the world and the incorrect „evaluation“ of the external world is also reversed („maladaptive cognitive schemata“).

Then there are people who practice this only to release physical tensions. Because repression manifests itself in the body as tension and energetic blockages, as first shown by Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) and Alexander Lowen (1910-2008). One becomes calmer and more relaxed, also on the physical level. Furthermore, this multiple relaxation leads, among other things, to a better perception of the body and to higher attentiveness and awareness.

Furthermore, trauma research in recent decades has shown that a severely traumatized person has no access to the now and the moment.

With many and large resolutions a strong psychogenesis occurs: The systematic dissolution of repressions in the unconscious is the purest form of self-development.

Therefore, please finish the course. It will reveal something in you, our potential is much greater than we experience.

Our courses

Learned helplessness


For the systematic dissolve of the causes of „learned helplessness“.    

Feeling of being alone


For the dissolve of the causes of the „feeling of being alone

„He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.“

Aristotle, Greek philosopher and polymath